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My Words are Wandering

My poem ‘After Betty Davis’ (which has been doing its rounds; first published in From Glasgow to Saturn then Transatlantic Literary Woman and my go-to poem to read aloud at poetry gigs) is one of 5 poems featured in the Lies, Dreaming podcast. My real, actual voice can be found at about 5:50 (but the whole podcast is worth a listen!).

FYI — This poem is about Betty Davis (not Bette Davis!)

In other news:

A poem about Ireland and my mom has been published in qmunicate magazine.

A wee story of mine — a bloody little retelling of the Little Mermaid was published in Letters to Barnacle Zine.

Two poems about joy and sadness and the fear of falling in love is coming soon in the University of York’s Eborakon.

And, finally, a poem about fields and lochs and moths — and, yeah, love — was published as part of York St John’s Pollination Project.

My words are getting around.

Thanks for reading!


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