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Short Stories
Short Stories

available online

Windsinger, Crow & Cross Keys

Beneath the aspen tree, Stone of Madness Press

Bluidy Fingers, Stone of Madness Press

This is Not a Pencil Box, Fictive Dream

Stonecutting, Shetland Create

Dear Charles, >kill author

available in print only

A Cradle the Shape & Colour of a Walnut, Seaborne Magazine

The Sea Witch, Bloodbath Literary Zine

The Little Girl and the Glowworm, From Glasgow to Saturn

The Sea Witch, Letters to Barnacle Zine

The Nephrite Lady, From Glasgow to Saturn

In the Gloaming, Crooked Holster

Fox Eyes, Foxes of Glasgow

Osseointegration, Toad Suck Review


available online

L’importanza di essere Oscar!, Adjacent Pineapple

Have you heard?, Quarentzine 04

The Edge, Quarantzine 03

Still We Spin, York St John Pollination Project

After Betty Davis, Lies, Dreaming Podcast

After Betty Davis, Transatlantic Literary Women

After Betty Davis, SWAMP Magazine

Interferometic Analaysis of a Composite Structure, specs journal

Daniel Burnham Made Plans, specs journal

causing the housing bubble, Alice Blue Review

Chinese Food, Alice Blue Review

available in print only

Asterisms, Edwin Morgan Centenary Spec Books

Moon Baby, From Glasgow to Saturn

As Easy as Sky, From Glasgow to Saturn

Now that I Have You, From Glasgow to Saturn

Danger Here, qmunicate

waiting for joy child, Eborakon

the honeymoon months, Eborakon

Ice Coffee for Esther, UnderBridgePoetry

Is That Real Fur, UnderBridgePoetry

Abackstays, From Glasgow to Saturn

Licorice Woman, From Glasgow to Saturn

11 seconds in 840 degrees, Glasgow Women Poets


'Manifold', Beginnings, Epoch Press.

More Than Just Blood, Project Myopia


Ignite Fellowship, Shortlist (2023)

The Bridge Awards Emerging Writer Award, Shortlist (2022)

First Novel Prize 2021, Shortlist (2021)

The Bridge Awards Emerging Writer Award, Shortlist, (2020) 

Gillian Purvis Award for New Writing (2018)

The Walter and Anne Wyatt Memorial Prize, University of Glasgow (2016)

University of Glasgow College of Arts doctoral funding (2016 – 2019)

Workshops & Conferences


  • Death Writes Network, Member (2022 - 2023)

  • Embodying Emotions Through Poetry & Stories, The Survivor Arts Community, Book Week Scotland (2020)

  • Aum Breath & Healing Words Writing & Yoga Retreat, Yoga Ganesh (2020)

  • Bedtime Stories for Your Brain, Being Human Festival & the University of Edinburgh (2019)

  • Writing & Bookbinding Workshop, Uncovered Artistry, Book Week Scotland (2019)

  • Aye Write Festival Panel Chair, HIV Scotland (2019)

  • Zine Making Workshop, Glasgow Zine Library & HIV Scotland (2018)

  • World AIDS Day Disclosures Reading, Scottish Parliament (2018)

  • HIV Poetry Workshop, HIV Scotland & the University of Edinburgh (2018)

  • Disclosures: Rewriting the Narrative about HIV Book Launch, Book Week Scotland (2018)

  • Finding Meaning in Myth, Being Human Festival & the University of Glasgow (2017)

  • Writing Our Fears, Glasgow International Fantasy Conversations (2017)

  • Uncovered Voices Creative Writing Workshops & Literary Reading, Uncovered Artistry (2017)

  • Spaces of Belonging, Poetry Workshop for Refugees, Scottish Graduate School for the Arts and Humanities (2016)


  • Literature and Video Games: Beyond Stereotypes, St Andrews University, Not Geek Enough: Crafting a Ludic Novel for the Non-Credentialed Nerd (2018)

  • Postgraduate Research Conference, University of Glasgow College of Arts, A New Perversity: Exploring the Intersection Between Surrealism, Horror, and the Fairy Tale in the Writing of Women Surrealists (2017)

  • Edinburgh Fantasy and Folklore Conference, Stories of Fear: Exploring the Intersection Between Surrealism, Horror, and the Fairy Tale (2017)

  • Glasgow International Fantasy Conference, What is Surrealism?: Defining the Dream Through Fairy Tales and Horror (2017)

  • Doctorate of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, The University of Glasgow (2016 - 2020)

  • Challenging HIV Stigma: The Positive Stories Project, Artist in Residence, HIV Scotland (2018 – 2019)

  • Mapping Mixed-Initiative Creative Interfaces: How Can Humans and AI Collaborate in Creative Practice, Digital Creativity Labs Internship, University of York (2017)

  • Creative Conversations Intern, University of Glasgow (2016 – 2017)

  • Editorial Intern, Freight Books, Glasgow (2015 – 2016)

  • Web Editorial Intern, Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine, Chicago (2012)

  • Richter Research Scholar, “Sovereignty Goddesses in Beowulf,” Lake Forest College (2011)

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